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Innovating Patient-Centered Care
Using the Latest Digital Tools

Digital Health Tools

Digital Health Tools Page

Digital Health Tools Support Better Patient Care

The GoodHope EDS clinic uses digital health tools to improve communication between patients and clinicians and to help patients manage their pain.

Our main digital tool is the Manage My Pain app. We invite all patients to use the app at no cost starting from their first clinic visit. The app helps to empower patients to take control of their pain by tracking their symptoms and the progress of their treatment. It also provides an easy to use platform to complete questionnaires and answer questions about your health

Learn more about the 'Manage My Pain' platform »

The GoodHope EDS program also provides the option of virtual visits when face-to-face visits are not possible or recommended. 


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Manage My Pain Platform

Manage My Pain Platform

The 'Manage My Pain' platform is a user-driven digital health solution that helps patients gain control of their pain by keeping a pain record that they can easily share with their doctor or therapist.


The platform helps to improve communication between patients and clinicians and empowers patients in self-management of their pain symptoms.

Learn more about Manage My Pain in this short video:

The Manage My Pain Platform includes the following tools:

Patient apps

Patient App 

The App helps patients track their pain, daily functioning, mental health and well-being, and medications. Patients can respond to assigned questionnaires. Tracked information can be shared directly with clinicians. 

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Clinical Reports

Reports can be used to summarize the information collected in the patient App to help with communication between patients and clinicians during clinic visits.

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Progress Analytics

Clinicians can examine patient progress, send questionnaires, and analyze patient health trends using advanced analytics.

Virtual Care

Virtual Care to Support Patients Remotely

The GoodHope EDS clinic provides both in-person and telehealth virtual services for patients who are not able to come into the clinic. The EDS team will work with you to decide which form of care is most appropriate.

Virtual care provides patients from all over Ontario with opportunity to access our services from the comfort of their own home. 

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